markets served

Tote Cart is a leading supplier of shopping carts to some of North America’s largest and most successful supermarkets, drugstore chains and convenience stores.

Merchandising innovations include handles that offer expanded printing area for merchandising messages etc., extensive line of cup holders for in store beverage programs, holders that permit the display of weekly flyers in the nose of the basket, coupon and floral holders that enhance the shopping experience, development of the quick cart product line for increased customer convenience.

As the grocery shopping experience has evolved and changed, we are offering different cart sizes and features to maximize your merchandising opportunities.

New cart models respect aisle sizes and use factors. For example, our cosmetic trays encourage more rings because it makes it easier to handle smaller/expensive health and beauty aid products.

Tote Cart standard carts have performed well in this harsh environment. We welcome the opportunity to address and innovate to satisfy specific merchandising, maintenance problems and high load requirements.

Discount/General Merchandise
Tote Cart has developed new models that respect the unique product mix, shopping patterns, cart capacities and specific quality level required to match the business needs of this category.

Other Markets

  • Warehouse operations
  • Medical supply houses
  • Specialty retailers
  • Floral shops
  • Nurseries